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Sovereign Asset Solutions

Fractional Asset Purchases Made Easy.

Our Approach


Fractional Asset Purchases Made Easy. From private holdings to family holdings of real estate and/or collectibles - Sovereign Asset Solutions has you covered. We are an innovative, boutique company that will make sure to give you personalized attention and clarity for a successful disposition of your co-owned assets - ranging in all sizes and types. 


Don’t want to face the difficult conversations between family members and partners? We'll give you the freedom of this responsibility and help make these transactions easy, seamless, and productive. 


Let us help you to avail yourself of problems with our exclusive solution so you can achieve financial liquidity and independence.

Our Services


Overall Benefits

  • Take control over your financial well being.

  • Efficient estate planning.

  • Prevent or resolve business partner conflict.

  • Allow current ownership to continue owning without having to raise capital or even debt in order to buy out your share.

  • Sell your beneficiary interest in assets that you haven't received full ownership of.


Fractional Real Estate Purchases

  • Private transactions. No need to disclose sensitive financial information by brokers, agents, and potential buyers.

  • Reduces fees by selling directly to buyer. No need to pay brokers 6% of your proceeds.

  • Easy sales process - we will buy property in "as in" condition!

Fractional Art & Collectible Purchases

  • Art galleries or auctioneers take up to 30% of proceeds.

  • Buyers also have to pay a premium to the middleman, which means less money in your pocket.

  • We offer private transactions. No need to disclose holdings, price, terms to the public!

Your career, retirement, investment horizon, and future may have a different timeline than that of your current partner(s) and/or family members. Set yourself free by contacting Sovereign Asset Solutions today!

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